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355 days….

September 9, 2010

until were back. i really dont even know what to say. i couldnt have asked for a more magical week on the playa. from start to finish i had a smile on my face. when you drive through the entrance under a double rainbow you know its going to be a good week. the weather was so much better then last year even though it still felt like my brain was being sucked out with a straw. the sense of community and connection i have to strangers when im there is something that i know doesn’t exist anywhere else. your body is surrounded by magic and exploding with freedom. chelsie got to be a fairy every single day while kari was of course a lioness. riding our bikes around the city was awesome. every night we watched the sunset behind the mountains and wondered if anything could be more beautiful. circus on the moon. listening to fleetwood on the top of the RV. being gypsies. hearing so much dubstep that you want to puke. how any normal everyday thing becomes something exciting like seeing the naked guitarist on your street corner everytime you have to go to the bathroom. La-z-boy collisions and hulahooping sessions. live jazz all night while laying on clouds until its time to get coffee and watch the sunrise. climbing everything, playing with everything. pink mammoth and champagne. trampolines on top of 40 ft domes. misting people and having them instantly love you even though they probably would have loved u anyway. dancing everywhere. hot air balloons… every type of balloon possible actually. glass pyramids. the shopping cart, the butterfly, the chair. huddling around helping everyone get glowsticked everynight. saying hi to everyone. looking around not knowing if your surrounded by artists or aliens. sitting alone writing that letter that youve been needing to write to yourself and everyone else, then finding that perfect temple crevasse to put it, watching it burn and finally realizing that your going to be able to let it go up in smoke. everything is going to be fine. i met a lot of amazing people this year. we were wanderlusting from start to finish. i am yet to get my pictures but im sure once i do they will appear often in my blog. perfect ending to a great summer. heres to love, friendship, and every new day.

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