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ahhh yes.

September 11, 2010

for those of you who dont live in san francisco, let me tell you that there is something magical about the months of sept, oct, and nov in this city. waking up early this fine saturday morning, getting my black tea, realizing that its that time of year- my favorite time of year. for starters the weather is warmmm- you have to open your windows and turn on your fans. its cooler outside then it is inside. late nights. waking up early to get to class is always exciting/awful. hopefully i dont take as maybe cabs to class as i did last semester. the sunsets are beautiful. the festivals are about to start hitting the city in full force. you want to feel the air, walk around, see the ridiculousness. wondering if your film is going to be developed in time. pumpkin everything. halloween, probably the 2nd best holiday to its close follower and my personal favorite thanksgiving. my birthday is on thanksgiving thursday this year. cute sweaters. taking the long way home on my bike to ignore my online class. ahhh yes fall baby, fall. i welcome you with open arms. be even better then last year- i know its possible.

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