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barbara stanwyck

October 8, 2010

during our waking hours- which, are now, but they’re getting sort of crepuscular; they’re getting pretty nocturnal here- but, during our waking hours, during daylight, we must behave right? if we see someone we lust after, we’re not always just allowed to grab him or her. if we see someone we hate, we’re discouraged from punching them. if we’re feeling sad, it’s frowned upon to wail and weep openly. we all have to comport ourselves in kind of a repressed state. such are our sad waking hours.

but, in our dreams, at night when we sleep in our dreams we are liberated. ourselves, our story selves, are liberated. our ids are loosed upon our little dreamscapes and – if we’re lucky- we get to grab the person we lust after; we get to hit the person we hate; we get to wait and scream and moan all we want without anyone scolding us and, also, we’re given access. little repressed fears and anxieties grow into monstrous terrors in our dreams and our true selves become uninhibited.

-guy maddin-

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