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it takes a real man to be a woman….

October 18, 2010

sunday night supper club. far far too good last night. i have been wanting to go to asia sf since i moved here. i have always heard its a fab time. last night my dreams became a reality. pete is here visiting from san diego so he volunteered for the wildcard position. we walked through the red velvet ropes into dragqueen paradise. im going to be frank- ive been to a lot more scandalous dragshows, but i understand this is a classy establishment. the ladies were beautiful, the decor was vegas, the food was overpriced— but were paying for life changing surgeries here people! i was really happy. so happy. it was one of those times where you think “only in san francisco” but more importantly “this is why im here”. haha. i have a lot of respect for these women. its something i feel very strongly about. they have felt uncomfortable their whole life and now they are finally who they want to be. so awesome. and they want to lipsync to me! great times. not to mention i beat kevin showtrend afterwards in pool not once… but twice 🙂

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