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October 23, 2010

ughhhhhhh, its begun. the rain. in georgia it was one of my favorite things. in georgia- I HAD A CAR. when it rains in san francisco tons of bad things start to happen and they are all too familiar. the sun doesn’t want to hang out or be your friend anymore. it comes out around 730am and it peaces out around 530/6pm. i never want to get out of bed. ever. i never want to go anywhere because honestly who likes riding their bike in the rain. i become this lazy blob who just wants to read and draw in bed and look out the window. cabs become very expensive means for transportation. baking cookies and watching movies happen too often. i shamefully wear my ugg boots around town. look people i dont care my feet were freezing. my skin is dry and slowly becoming paler by the day. im very aware of my umbrella- should i bring it? where did i leave it? do not let me loose it please. your projects get all wet when u take them to class. your social destinations become more and more local. haha maybe i like all these things…. maybe i love them. but the rain makes most things a lot more challenging.

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