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November 4, 2010

sorry i havnt been blogging! so many crazy things have been going on. last friday i went to deerhunter and then saturday was halloween and then sunday i watched the game and then monday we won the world series and then tuesday was dia de los muertos and then today was the parade!!! i have so much work to do.. not really but i have to get into the darkroom today for sure.

to be honest though… over these past couple days i have been so happy. people talk shit about san francisco, that were crazy, liberal, stoner, hippies. they dont know. they really dont. i think about what my life would have been like if i hadnt moved here after highschool. i would have lost it. i have learned from and experienced the most amazing city in this country. i believe that no city has more life and excitement then san francisco. not to be mushy and retarded…. but i teared up today at the parade. when is this ever going to happen again? everyone is so happy, coming together and celebrating. these are just a regular bunch of misfits that have become legendary american heros. i am really thankful for all the fun ive been having.

we went to pops on monday night for the win and the game FLEW by. that last pitch was like a tornado coming threw this town. this one lady was screaming at the top of her lungs the whole game. cackling! she was wearing a big orange shirt and when she got excited she would stand on her chair and grab on to the halloween spyder webs on the ceiling. i will never forget her, “the orange widow”. we ran down to 24th and mission where fucking pandemonium broke out. it was all nice in the beginning… but then people started lighting their mattress’s on fire and throwing beer bottles at cops and cars. it was wild. RIOTSSSS. guns being shot up into the air. i mean this shit was really crazy. around 130am we were on my roof watching billowing smoke come up from different street corners. helicopters were circling around with spotlights. people were stealing our trash cans and lighting them on fire and then throwing police barricades on top. i started getting a little freaked out when cops showed up multiple times and then left because they were over run by these crazies. finally they took care of it… it took a good 3 or 4 visits though. kari woke up the next morning to a man throwing bricks outside her window followed by a man chasing him down the street with a foot long butcher knife. bananas i tell you!!!!!!! none the less. i enjoyed all of the excitement. a time in my life i will never forget. thank you giants<3

THE ORANGE WIDOW ^^^^and her web!

for timmy, with love ^^^^

orange lokos!!^^^^

on a firetruck^^^^

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