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waltz with bashir…

November 10, 2010

i have wanted to see this movie for a really long time. netflix finally sent it. i have always loved war movies but this movie was unlike anything i have ever seen. it took four years to make.

the animation, with its dark hues representing the overall feel of the film, uses a unique style invented by yoni goodman at the Bridgit Folman Film Gang studio in israel. the technique is often confused with rotoscoping, an animation style that uses drawings over live footage, but is actually a combination of cutouts and classic animation.

each drawing was sliced into hundreds of pieces which were moved in relation to one another, thus creating the illusion of movement. The film was first shot in a sound studio as a 90-minute video and then transferred to a storyboard. from there 2,300 original illustrations were drawn based on the storyboard, which together formed the actual film scenes using flash animation, classic animation, and 3D technologies.

the soundtrack also rocks… a lot of original songs made for the film.


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