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November 27, 2010

sunday night super club 11/14  range

the club went out to a nice dinner at range with guest wildcards trish vlastnik and margie dam a couple weeks ago. it was a lovely time as usual. This is a fairly new restaurant in the mission off valencia st. they were a little slow seating us which perturbed me a little bit but we sat at the bar and got some drinks. kevin and dustin got some manhattan’s i think. i got some tequila lemonade thing. while being taken to our table it is interesting to see the layout of this place. it goes back pretty far into this medium sized room and on the way u pass the kitchen. the dishes we shared included chicken liver mousse with a frisée salad, cured arctic char with shishito peppers, ancho cress, avocado and pickled green tomatoes, mediterranean mussels à la nage with seared day boat scallops, cucumbers and fennel, oven roasted chicken with broccoli rabe, smoked ham shank and fingerling potatoes, coffee rubbed pork shoulder with creamy hominy and collard greens, and braised daube of beef with brussels sprouts, cippolini onions, marinated beech mushrooms and meyer lemon relish. yummmmmm.

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