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January 24, 2011

when chelsie called me on january 3rd i really had no idea what to say. early that morning her step mom melissa was hit by another car from behind and flew into a ditch. adam, 10 years old and danica 2 months old were also in the car. adam didnt make it. my whole life i have never been around children, until i met chelsie. i have never known how to act or what to do or say around kids. listening to chelsie talk about her siblings is really something special. what is even more special is seeing these kids around chelsie. they WORSHIP her. they hilariously fight to do tasks for her and constantly tell her that shes the best sister in the world. and thats because she is. adam was hilarious. the first time i ever met him, he was pouring me shots of jager at chelsies grandmothers house then screaming at me to chug it. i was like dam this kid is trying to get me wasted. running around laughing and singing bon jovi. he was the coolest kid i have ever met. i flew home to georgia as soon as i could to be with her and the next 9 days that i was there i will never forget. seeing my best friend in that kind of pain is something i never want to see again. i dont even know what to say about it really, but it put a lot of things in perspective for me. none the less… it was good being there and being with people who i will always consider my family.

some pics from home

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