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forgive me father, i hath not been bloggin

January 24, 2011

well it has been an interesting break for me. i guess il start with christmas. it has never been my thing but this year was pretty awesome. it was my first christmas away from my family. kevin and i went to my roommate dustin’s house in walnut creek to celebrate with his family. we had a splendid brunch. french toast and gin fizzies were enjoyed not to mention the hundreds of baked treats that papa watson prepared. so fun.

for new years dustin and i took a little road trip down to san diego to see pete! i have never driven south of big sur so i was really excited. the 5 was crazy. on the way down we saw this devil rainbow coming out of a black cloud, this incredible sunset, and then a crazy rainstorm through the mountains. on the way back up we drove through a snow storm, then a tornado, then a hail storm. that hwy should be called the weather trail! so wild. san diego was great though, sunny skies. we went hiking around in a canyon in La jolla and frisbee golfing by balboa park. here are a couple pics-

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