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February 20, 2011

supper club was back! just for night though and it was just dustin and i. But can i just say that this meal was one of the top 5 best meals of my whole life. i cannot get over this restaurant.  havnt been able to stop thinking about it. i held back tears 3 or 4 times, no joke. the restaurant is lolo. dustin told me to pick a spot so i did. its on 22nd and mission across the street from the makeout room. i love the decor. just a bunch of weird plastic recycled items glued to the walls with bright colors everywhere. they were playing the knife when we walked in so i was even more stoked. the people who were working were so great. just young and nice and helpful and awesome. we had some wine, then the tapas ordering began! we had these amazing tuna tacos, then we had these sliders that just melted in my mouth with some beets, we had some honey balsamic asparagus, blue corn gorditas, and some slow cooked carnitas with guacamole. the best was the dessert! we had apple pockets with raspberry sauce, ice cream, and glazed almonds.  best life ever.

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