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i miss my girl, and i cant believe my time with my other is dwindling.

May 6, 2011

chelsea, let’s go join the circus
i will take the trapeze
you can tame the lions (karianne)
and while we are dressing up
i’ll buy you popcorn
when the show is over
we’ll stay up all night

slap your knees and drink your wine
park your trailer next to mine
they say we know how to have a good time
they may whistle when you bend over
but i’m the only one comin’ over
so boys, keep your nickels and your dimes.

chelsea, climb into this canon
you’re so good at landin’
right into my arms
and i’ll jump through hoops of fire
then walk across the wire
without causing onlookers alarm

chelsea, the audience is waiting
my heart is palpitating
this life was meant for you and me
chelsea, just give me one good reason
why we shouldn’t be pleasin’
this whole world
is our destiny.

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