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live to burn

August 26, 2011

i miss my family, i miss my home, i miss the one place where i feel weightless walking around in a circus on the moon. i tried and tried and i guess i have to accept the fact that i am not supposed to be there this year. it makes me physically ill that im not packing all my dusty shit up. the past three years going to burningman have been the best moments of my whole life without a doubt. waking up at the crack of dawn to troll around and talk to everyone. the naked guitar player at the end of your street, the awkward porta potty line conversations, being a fairy, being a lion, being whatever you want, flying on swings, climbing up things, someone handing you an ice cream cone in the middle of the desert, dancing constantly, seeing a hot air balloon at 3 in the morning, riding in a pink stegosaurus to the wedding chapel, holding hands with your soulmates, surrounded by fire, everything going up in flames, spliffthroat, your whole body hurting from laughing and sleeping on the ground, seeing the sun come up, finding a glass pyramid in the middle of no where, helping everyone, watching a 80 year old man run over a biker in a lay z boy car, getting coffee out of a fuzzy mail box, falling in love with a robot, following around a pirate ship, roller skating in a duststorm, listening to live jazz all night while drinking merlot, finally not being a weirdo, being normal, acceptance, community, giving, love, everywhere. thanks for all you have given me and all you have taught me, see you in 2012, my home. everyone have a good burn, be safe.

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  1. perlz permalink
    August 27, 2011 7:26 pm


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