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October 9, 2011

i really have not been blogging lately. not for a whole month actually. last you heard from me i was about to travel across the country to georgia with my friend lindsey. it was rough, we lost lindseys car on the second morning of our trip and was stranded in las cruces new mexico for three days. lindsey sold her car and our 4 day road trip turned into a nine day road trip quickly. we met a lot of awesome interesting people, stopping in texas and also new orleans. by the time we made in to our athens destination by way of shitty terrible uhaul we were both exhausted. we both immediately started helping out with chelsies store and i started my fall semester of online classes. busy busy busy. lindsey decided to not return to san diego and to stay here in athens a place she had never been. livin on easy street in normal town we quickly adjusted to georgia georgia. fall is upon us and i am excited to be spending the end of 2011 with my friends here.

lindsey and i (and kelly) taking off in ocean beach san diego- the last day of the vans life đŸ˜¦

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